How Long Will a Record Stay on My File?

There is No statue of limitations on Criminal records that have not been sealed, expunged or pardoned? For example do they remove them after seven years like credit history? Once they are recorded in your file they are there for life. If you are looking for a new job you should know that most employers these days do a background check before they consider hiring you for almost any position. Even if you are applying for a part time job, more and more businesses are making an extra effort to check a persons background before hiring. If you are not sure about how your background check will turn out its important to know. Past incidents such as driving violations, speeding tickets, DUIís  Arrests or Criminal history will all show up.

Now, if you have conducted a online search and you find information on your background report that you would like to get expunged from your record, there is a process in place with the courts that will allow you take action. Please see our main index page and reference the articles.
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